Client: Schleich GmbH
A Din A6 Sticker Sheet with everything you need for this adventure Station! 
Product was released in 2022 and can be found with this catalogue number: 42507
Client: Schleich GmbH
Vector-based illustrations for pad printing, collectibles series: "Candy Unicorns"
Product is released over the course of 2022, and can be found under these catalogue numbers: 
 70729, 70732, 70734, 70736, 70738, 70739 and 70741 (other half will come this summer!) 
Client: Schleich GmbH
3D Model "Lama Unicorn" , Modeled in ZBrush. 
The product was released March 2022 and can be found with the catalogue number 70743

Client: Individual client, 2021
A cowlicious wedding gift for the couple, printed in A4
(Note: This is an hommage to the card "Wedding" of the card game Dominion, 
(c) Donald X. Vaccarino and Rio Grande Games. Printed as a single gift an not for commercial purposes!) 

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